We always have a selection of work from the following ceramicists in the gallery.  As each piece is unique  availability will vary at any time.

Mary Rose Young | Helen Martino | Karen Fawcett| Christine Cummings| Richard Ballantyne | Jillian Riley

Mary Rose Young pottery carries the individuality of the artist’s own hand with her unique blend of beauty and humour.
Examples shown below ;

mry display 1


Helen Martino describes her work as ‘serious, posh and frivolous’ and has been inspired by the silent movies to tell a story in each hand built sculpture.

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Incredible life size sculptures inspired by nature from Karen Fawcett.

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The wonderful animal sculptures from Christine Cummings  are hand crafted in earth stone clay being finished either by Raku or smoke firing.

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ATT00064Richard Ballantyne‘s raku ceramics are handmade individually, always unique and often unusual.

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Jillian Riley’s unique porcelain seagull bottles are made from porcelain clay molds, hand turned stoppers and beautifully crafted porcelain birds.

jr porcelain bottles

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