Armandie Haywood

Born and brought up in Derbyshire, England, Armandie has always been close to the wildlife and nature of the Peak District, which along with her very own wildlife refugees, has been the inspiration for much of her work.

armandie haywood

She served many successful years as a portrait painter and photographer and then later as a commercial artist and illustrator. She has been commissioned by some of the worlds famous names.

Her latest works are the result of many years of developing and perfecting original ideas and represent a broad knowledge of not just artistic skills and painting techniques but of the art of picture making, through thoughtful use of composition, colour, subject and light, lighting being one of the key recognisable elements in most of her works. Early morning, late evening, sun, mist and rain all create a different feeling of emotion which can change the soul of the whole piece.

She can be described as a realist painter but her paintings are so much more than realism. They are imaginative, often quirky and sometimes even a little on the dark side.

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