Felicity Lloyd Coombes

ceramic artistFelicity Lloyd Coombes is an independent animal ceramic artist, specialising in ceramic art that celebrates animals in all their various magnificent forms.

She started after she completed a degree in 3D Design Ceramics at Loughborough University and  has spent a number of years building a reputation as an accomplished artist in her chosen genre.  She focuses mainly on domestic British animals and wildlife from the British Isles.

Creating the Ceramics

All of the ceramics that are made are created using a unique (and secret!) technique that has been developed by Felicity.  The method she uses involves first sculpting in wire and then moulding clay around the wire,  the clay is then worked and manipulated into it’s the form of the animal before being fired, sometimes this is a process that may need to be repeated a number of times before the ceramic reaches her exacting standards.  The technique Felicity uses produces a deceptively light sculpture that is not too heavy for transport or to move around your home.   Once the animal ceramic has been completed, she will finish it with either a stain or it can be painted.

The sculptures created have movement and agility that captures the magic of the individual animal and the characteristics of the face and body in the ceramic. When the ceramics are finished, they show the vibrancy of the animal as if it was a living being. Every piece of artwork that is produced is a completely handmade individual ceramic.

Ceramic sculptures by Felicity Lloyd Coombe

A Contemporary Art Gallery in Cornwall