Karen Fawcett

Karen is committed to creating lifelike sculptures using the British countryside for inspiration.

Each piece is hand crafted and finished to a very high level of detail. The aim is to capture not just the look, but also the spirit or personality of the subject, which makes it appear much more alive.

Karen’s sculptures are unique affordable works of art, faithfully reproducing the artworks of nature.

All items are lifesize, and are modelled from the actual subjects wherever possible with particular attention paid to coloured detail and final finishing.

Working from the home studio, I finish all of the sculptures myself, including final detailed clay work and colour painting. As well as researching existing projects, I  am always looking for better ways of doing things and I like the challenge of undertaking new subjects. In addition to running the business we also have four children to look after, which can be quite challenging at times!

A Contemporary Art Gallery in Cornwall