Kirsty Wither

kwKirsty studied in Scotland and from her studio in Brighton now paints brightly coloured and textured still lifes, figures and landscapes.

She was born in Tidworth in 1968 and moved to Scotland to study at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen from 1986 to 1990. Her paintings are as much about the surface quality as the subject matter, as she applies vibrant layers of oil paint to achieve the desired outcome.

Since 1989 she has been selected to appear in group exhibitions throughout the UK and from 1995 has had regular solo exhibitions  in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. She was elected Artist Member of the Chelsea Arts Club in 2004 and has many works in private       and public collections worldwide.

My paintings are as much about the actual paint on the surface as about the subject matter. Working with oil paint, I build up layers of colour and texture to create an image that will hopefully have some resonance with the viewer.  Being in the studio is a mysterious place where the paint takes over from any set ideas I start with and often unexpectedly leads me to a finished work. 

A Contemporary Art Gallery in Cornwall