Roy Meats

roy meatsRoy was born in Nottingham City Centre in 1958. The son of a long Distant Lorry Driver and a Lace Maker, cobbled streets were still the norm at this time.
Roy was always painting and drawing with his dad and loved pictures of Galleon ships. His work was always exhibited at school and he then became fascinated with nature in all its forms.

Having to leave Nottingham due to his fathers work, they settled in the small market town of Atherstone. A whole new world had opened up as nature and wildlife was on his doorstep. All of Roy’s spare time was now spent walking the fields and hedgerows collecting and studying nature, all flora, trees, rocks etc.

Roy started to sell paintings whilst still at school. His first medium was pencils and water colours, extending into pen & ink, oil acrylic and then enamels.  When Roy left school he became an apprentice in painting and decorating, studying colour, designs and specialist finishes as part of this training. He developed a flair for sign-writing which eventually became his main source of income for many years.

With the demise of the brewing industry and need for signs, Roy took a new direction into painting murals and also continued to hold exhibitions to sell his paintings and carry out commissions ; which he still does today. He now also produces limited edition prints of his work to make his pictures accessible to more people at an affordable price.

The Story of Frank – The Start of Something BIG ?

In the beginning… Frank is a scarecrow from Gloucestershire. He was well looked after for years and was a happy scarecrow. Each winter he was brought in from the cold and was re-stuffed, had new clothes and then put back out in the Spring. This went on for years then suddenly it stopped. He was not brought in and the farm was being neglected, all because the farmer had become old and ill. The farmer was unable to look after the farm and had no one to help him. The farm became run down, fields were unploughed and became full of weeds.

There was no more need for a scarecrow.

Eventually, Frank was taken from the field and put against an old barn where he remained for years. One day a van arrived at the farm and Frank, along with all of the farmer’s belongings, was put in the van.  The van set off and drove for hours before eventually it stopped and Frank and the farmer were somewhere on the coast !

The farm had been sold and the farmer had retired to the seaside. He had become too old to look after the farm. The farmer had always been a busy man and he could not get used to doing nothing all day. He decided to become a deckchair seller and for novelty would use Frank to advertise his deckchairs. This made Frank very happy as he now had a purpose.

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