Steve Yeates

Steve YeatesBorn in Brighton 10th May 1972
Fine art foundation at Hastings College of Art, 1984-5
HND Photography at Medway College of Art 1987
Assistant Photographer, 1992. London.
Professional Advertising Photographer, 1999
BA(hons) Fine Art Majoring in Sculpture at St Martin’s
College of Art, London. 2002
Full time Artist since 2002.

Artists Statement :  Dynamic passionate figurative sculpture made from socially inherent recycled materials.


Working in figurative sculpture allows me to challenge the preconception of figurative art while continuing my belief in the use of recycled materials and its inherent methodology.

My Sculptures can display an amazing array of definitive states from tragic and haunting to ethereal and dynamic. One of the lessons of my life has been that its transitions can illustrate to me the inconstant energy that is living in todays often brutal society. The violence and its repercussions are shown in the work made of recycled glass, the brutality of the act is magnified by its consequence, I try to transform that anger to something that is generically positive by moulding the glass into shapes of beauty transfixed into statuesque poses reminding us of our inner strength.

The use of recycled paper had its genesis when frustrated in grief, unsent letters of sorrow and platitudes of forgiveness that were intrinsic to the grieving process were ripped apart. Hesitantly, I re-assembled them as if collecting my thoughts and remade them in into figures burying their faces, foetal in positioning throwing any allusions of coping away. These early works signified a troubled time in my life.

Today, through continued experimentation and development I have been pushing the boundaries of papier mache into exciting and innovative directions while continuing the theme of recycling. I have developed my papier mache sculptures further to include other socially intrinsic products. I have been exploring social issues such as homelessness and housing commenting from personal perspective using homeless information leaflets and housing benefit forms. The poses of my sculptures commenting on my own experiences using human body language. Eighty percent of all one to one communication is through body language. The viewers own perceptions and experiences bringing to each piece his or her own personal experiences and perceptions.

The techniques I have developed enable me to use almost any disposable paper based products.

Steve Yeates.

A Contemporary Art Gallery in Cornwall