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Jaws !

A Great White Shark in a new signed, numbered limited edition from Katy Dobson. Katy’s work is always vibrant, distinctive and colourful. Available in 3 weeks, framed in white. See the Art of Katy Dobson

21 Grams – The New Collection

This stunning new collection from Katy Dobson includes 16 signed and numbered limited editions including new sized smaller works, amazing new wildlife pieces and inspiring figurative works. Read more about her inspiration below.

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The title of 21 Grams is based on a theory from an early 20th century physician who believed after conducting a series of experiments that the soul had a mass that weighed 21 grams. This theory was disproved, the weight he measured that left the body at the time of death was in fact other circumstances. However, I found it so intriguing to hear of this relentless hunt for the soul, which was believed at times to be a vital organ.

At the time of working on my new collection I had a list of new techniques I wanted to try, ideas I wanted to play around with and to throw myself into this collection whole heartedly.  From the get go it was quite an important collection of paintings for me to work on and in this spirit of painting subjects I adored (wildlife families and scenes, figurative studies with symbolism and elegant birds) I felt like it was an outpouring of everything I wanted to do. It is also fitting to say that this is a soulful collection and the title seemed very appropriate.


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Dumbo & Gorillas In The Mist !

Two new fabulous additions to The Spectrum Collection by Katy Dobson depicting the very popular animal subjects of an elephant and gorillas in her unique rainbow style. If her previous work is any indication, these will not be available for long so please act quickly to avoid dissapointment.

Limited Edition of 45, 99 x 76 cm, Framed, £ 395

KJD - Dumbo

The Family – Gorillas In The Mist
Limited Edition of 45, 102 x 81 cm, Framed, £ 395


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