We always have a selection of work from the following ceramicists in the gallery.  As each piece is unique  availability will vary at any time.

Mary Rose Young | Ostinelli & Priest | Felicity Lloyd Coombes| Christine Cummings| Richard Ballantyne | Jillian Riley

Mary Rose Young pottery carries the individuality of the artist’s own hand with her unique blend of beauty and humour.

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Examples shown below ;

mry display 1

I always aim to inject the most exuberance, fun and childlike wonderment into my work. I want to cram it all into a pot. That and a touch of glamour – the reason I often add gold to my colours. We’re only here for a while, so I want to go for it !

I sell my pottery all over the world. What I love is the thought that the people buying it are just like me, only maybe living in New York, and they’re buying into this fun.

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Ostinelli & Priest are the perfect example of two heads working as one.

Drawing on their individual strengths, combining their talent and experience, these artists have established a standard of work with an international following.

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Ceramic Dog Sculptures




Incredible life size sculptures inspired by nature from Felicity Lloyd Coombes.

Each sculpture is hand crafted, finished to a very high level of detail and is an individual and unique piece.

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Ceramic sculptures by Felicity Lloyd Coombe



The wonderful animal sculptures from Christine Cummings  are hand crafted in earth stone clay being finished either by Raku or smoke firing.

Her work is instantly recognisable through her very own individual style of Raku firing. The animals she sculpts each have their own quirky personality and charm which with her natural ability to create such life-like creatures from clay makes them truly unique

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ATT00064Richard Ballantyne‘s raku ceramics are handmade individually, always unique and often unusual !

My work is in a permanent state of flux and varies from high fired reduction porcelain to raku and figurative paper clay- it all depends on the day of the week!

Being not only a pyromaniac but also a bit of a magpie, often my work incorporates found objects in the sculpture – from ash from Mount St Helens in a glaze to stones washed on the beach as plinths – telling everyone its own story.

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Raku ceramic from Richard Ballantyne




Jillian Riley’s unique porcelain seagull bottles are made from porcelain clay molds, hand turned stoppers and beautifully crafted porcelain birds.

Drawing inspiration from her love of ravens, magpies, an interest in mythology and a passion for things that are a little on the dark side, Jillian has created a collection of bottles with a twist.

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jr porcelain bottles

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