New Glassware from Siddy Langley

We are delighted to present the glass art work of master crafter Siddy Langley which extends our selection of stunning contemporary glass on display.

The making of glass combines all the elements – earth, wind, fire and water, and as such seems a wholly natural process. The decoration of the glass is applied before the glass is blown, growing with the piece to form delicate and intricate patterns. I’ve had a long term love affair with glass that, even now, is showing no signs of abating. It enables me to express myself like no other medium I have ever found.

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About The Artist

Siddy Langley has been working with glass for over 30 years and is generally acclaimed as a master of the craft.

Siddy came to glass blowing out of a frustration with Ceramics, which could not be used to adequately convey what she as an artist, wished to express. She went through an apprenticeship at the London Glassblowing Workshop. She has explored, in her glass, the depths, colours and play of light achieved by adding traces of gold, silver and tin to the glass. The designs are often lamp-worked with canes, before being mouth blown and shaped by hand.

Siddy fashions each individual piece by hand using molten glass gathered from the furnace and precious metals such as gold, silver and tin. The freeblowing technique ensures that each signed and dated piece is quite unique. Most of the decoration is applied before the glass is blown, growing with the piece to form the delicate and intricate patterns that characterise her work.

Siddy is a keen diver and the glass conveys her wonder and fascination at the richness of life on the sea bed. Siddy has recently developed the technique of ‘drawing’ into the glass before it is blown, so that the glass can be used as a unique medium for expression, ideal for representing her love of the natural world.