New Surreal Art

Six fabulous new limited editions from Alberto Martinez have been released featuring his unique and thought provoking approach that challenges our conventional views of the world.

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Top Row : Portobello Road | What A Wonderful World | Still Life With Street
Bottom Row : Atlantis | Show Stopper | Travelling Playhouse

Read the descriptions of Alberto’s work in the Art Brochures accompanying the work ;

Top Row : Portobello Road | What A Wonderful World | Still Life With Street
Bottom Row : Atlantis | Show Stopper | Travelling Playhouse

Local Beach Paintings

Superb original oil paintings of local Cornish beaches from Duncan Palmar, Associate Member of the Society of Marine Artists.

Inspired by the Newlyn School of Artists, Duncan’s distinctive representational paintings capture texture, light and atmosphere with seeming effortlessness. He frequently takes English landscapes and coasts as his subjects, and is particularly inspired by the sea with its diverse movements, rhythms and space.

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A frog For Christmas ?

There are a number of limited edition bronze frogs with Christmassy names as shown below. Alternatively we have a large number available to suit all colours and budgets.

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Sugar Plum
This special sculpture, only for the UK,’ is released in a limited edition size of only 100. Its based on the general edition of Chase and has been created in a gorgeous berry like, multi toned purple patina. 
BF 230 S1 Sugar Plum
Dimensions (inches)  : 3 L x 3 W x 1 H
Edition Size : 100
Price : £ 279.00  Buy Now
BF 242 Mistletoe
A lustrous gold frog reaches tentatively for two ruby red ladybugs clinging to a sprig of mistletoe. 
Dimensions (inches)  : 4.8 L x 3.8 W x 7.3 H
General Edition Size : 1000 
Price : £ 635.00  Buy Now
BF 164 S3 Spruce
A special release for UK only.
Dimensions (inches)  : 3.5 L x 3 W x 2.5 H
Edition Size : 125
Price : £ 273.00  B
uy Now  
BF 48  S4 Scrooge
A sculpture on general release for Christmas.
Dimensions (inches)  : 12.5 L x 7 W x 5.3 H
Edition Size : 150
Price : £ 722.00  Buy Now

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