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Make Your Own Kind Of Music

Stunning 3D high gloss limited editions of piano themed artwork from new artist Mark Grieves.

MG - Make Your Own Music 51 sq £795
Make Your Own Kind Of Music
mg - singing in the rain 51 sq 795
Singing In The Rain

Black gloss laquer framed, 76 x 76 cm, Edition of 100,

£ 795

About The Artist

Mark’s hugely successful musical series was a complete sell-out with his former publishers and his originals and limited editions often sold within a few days of issue. Due to the painstaking attention to detail original paintings are in short supply leading to a high demand.

These latest limited editions  have a resin finish with 3D elements that give a new dimension to his work which with black and white lacquered frames fuse beautifully with the piano themed artwork.

Newcastle upon Tyne born Mark Grieves admits he would struggle to find work other than painting.

“If I hadn’t have had a talent for painting and drawing I would dread to think what I would have ended up doing as a career. I have no interest in doing anything else. I grew up with fantasy and sci fi art. My bedroom walls were adorned with Rodney Matthews posters. The beauty of creating images that normally wouldn’t exist in real life is what art means to me. Whenever I see photo realistic paintings it fills me with sadness.”

“My method of working is a little bit different from the traditional approach. Normally you would work from light to dark but I find it natural to work in reverse from dark to light. Working exclusively in oils I always start with a completely black canvas and add highlights until I find the balance in contrast. I work hard at composition and at the geometry emphasising light and shadow. I like painting titles to give clues. There is always a strong sense of narrative. I paint what comes into my head, from my imagination. Every original painting is time consuming and can take many weeks to complete but I am confident this shows in the end result.”

Pick N Mix Originals from Lhouette

Exciting new work from Lhouette whose  unique style of art has made quite an impact among certain circles of the commercial art world, creating an ever growing army of enthusiasts and collectors including some of the UKs bright and beautiful celebrity figures.

His urban style lends itself as much to street art as it does to the world of pop art. Stenciling techniques, visually arresting colourations, symbols, images and text all executed through a host of mixed mediums and often with a cheeky turn of wit. If I had to label my style it would be called  ‘POST URBAN GLAMOUR !’

Original Mixed Media,  130 x 53 cm, Framed, £ 1395

1 Up 2
Superman 3

Courty – Simply Electrifying !

A respected and well known English craftsmen of the 100 year old art of glassblowing neon tube lights, Courty has reached master neon glass blower level and is forever exploring and pushing the boundaries of hand made neon light.

[cincopa AEEAHicCXfg9]

He has fabricated neon art pieces that now form part of collections of world leaders, stars, the rich and famous, as well as having made neon artworks that have been exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries and art institutions in the UK. Read More.


Original 3D Paper Art from Graham Lester

A highly original and exquisite form of art, these 3D paper creations by Graham Lester are simply stunning.

gl- sardine-largegl-icecream-largegl-fiveshadesgrey-large
Framed from £ 245

About The Artist

Graham is a talented and busy man living in Chesham. He has worked with paper as a media for some time whilst running his own creative design company, and from time to time has been commissioned to produce paper sculptures for display work and other promotions.

Recently he has focused more on using paper as a decorative art form to express ideas, both free standing and behind glass for wall hanging. Each piece is individually assembled, using paper that is cut, bent, folded, curled, and glued in position to create a 3D effect of the required subject.

It is this intricate detail that makes his pieces such a talking point and the craftmanship a pleasure to exhibit. But, not only does he work in paper, Graham also makes sculptures in wood and stone.

The New Spring Collection from JJ Adams

We are delighted to announce the release of JJ’s incredible Spring ’15 Collection. There has been much speculation as to the content of the collection as a whole so here they are in all their glory !!

With an 80’s theme running through the works, it was JJ’s intention that the editions represent how a newspaper advert would have looked, being made up of thousands of tiny dots of colour. It is details such as this which is what sets JJ apart as the most collectable living artist in the UK right now.

[cincopa A4IASaMJ6qqg]

See more of JJ Adams work